Bob Dylan ‘s Historic Scottish Estate Hits the Market for $4 Million

Bob Dylan ‘s Historic Scottish Estate Hits the Market for $4 Million

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Legendary musician Bob Dylan has been the proud owner of the picturesque Aultmore estate in the Scottish Highlands since 2006, a joint acquisition he made alongside his brother David Zimmerman for approximately $3.5 million US. However, recent reports indicate that the music legend is now seeking to part ways with this remarkable piece of real estate, with a new listing price hovering around the $4 million mark.

Spanning an impressive 18,000 square feet, the estate’s main house boasts an astounding 16 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, offering a glimpse into its historical grandeur that dates back over a century. Situated amidst the lush expanse of the Cairngorm National Park, the estate occupies a sprawling 24-acre parcel, enveloped by the verdant beauty of the natural surroundings.

Noteworthy updates have been made to the property, including renovations to the plumbing and electrical systems in the years 2007 and 2008. This harmonious blend of history and modern comfort is eloquently described in the listing:

“Approached via a private tree-lined driveway, the property showcases a captivating symmetrical façade adorned with large astragal windows. The central block, flanked by two stone gazebos, exudes elegance with columned features. Internally, the house boasts Adam style marble fireplaces, intricate plasterwork, resplendent timber floors, and meticulous detailing on ceilings and archways.”

Tulchan Estate & Aultmore House, Ruth & Phil from on Vimeo.

The question naturally arises: Why would a cherished gem like Aultmore be on the market, especially after nearly two decades of ownership by Bob Dylan? According to realtor Tom Stewart-Moore, the reason is quite practical—Dylan and his brother haven’t been able to enjoy the estate as frequently as before:

“In recent years, they’ve not been able to use it, and that’s the reason for the sale. Up until pre-Covid times, Bob and his brother would typically spend a few weeks each year at the estate.”

The estate offers an array of amenities within its grand walls, including a billiard room, inviting drawing rooms, and a refined formal dining area. These interior charms complement its historical essence. Beyond the mansion’s walls, the enchanting outdoor elements beckon, with two graceful gazebos, a serene fountain, a meticulously maintained walled garden, and a tranquil pond.

In a testament to its allure, the estate has previously been available for rent, serving as a memorable backdrop for weddings and various events. A visual glimpse into the estate’s splendor can be found in a wedding video shot at Aultmore, produced by Thistle Production

As the Aultmore estate takes its place on the market, its rich history, captivating features, and scenic allure are poised to attract discerning buyers seeking to own a piece of Scotland’s breathtaking landscape intertwined with the legacy of Bob Dylan.

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