Kevin Costner ‘s Divorce Battle: Tentative Ruling Sets Monthly Child Support at $129,755

Kevin Costner ‘s Divorce Battle: Tentative Ruling Sets Monthly Child Support at $129,755

Kevin Costners divorce battle with Christine Baumgartner is making progress as a judge has tentatively ruled on the monthly child support obligation. According to the ruling, Costner’s monthly child support will amount to $129,755. However, this figure is not final, as there is another scheduled hearing to confirm the arrangement. Typically, the tentative figure tends to be the one that sticks in such divorce cases.

If the ruling stands, Baumgartner will receive slightly more than half of the $248,000 per month she initially requested, which led to the court battle with Costner. On the other hand, it is significantly more than Costner‘s initial offer of $51,940 per month, along with additional expenses for their three children, suggesting both parties may have some dissatisfaction, a hallmark of a fair compromise.

Baumgartner filed legal documents rejecting Costner‘s offer, deeming it “completely inappropriate.” She requested $248,000 per month and asked for extra time and money to find a new place to live. The issue of Baumgartner’s refusal to vacate a California home owned by the former couple also played a part in the court battle, and the judge ruled that she must leave the property by the end of the month as per their prenuptial agreement.

In addition to covering their children’s education and medical expenses, Costner had reportedly agreed to provide formal child support. The new ruling divides these expenses equally between both parties. However, Costner is now obligated to pay $200,000 for Baumgartner’s legal fees, along with an additional $100,000 for “forensic costs” related to the trial.

Both attorneys will continue their efforts as another hearing is scheduled in the coming months to determine a permanent child support arrangement. During this hearing, Costner and Baumgartner will present evidence to potentially have the figure adjusted, but it’s likely that the ruling will remain relatively unchanged, as is often the case in such matters.

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