Jessie J is recovering nine months after losing a pregnancy. “When I was 16 years old I wrote a list of things I wanted by the time I was 30. 1st thing on the list was to be a Mum. Now I’m nearly 35 and some days the grief of losing a baby and it not being easy to have one, and wanting my life in that way to look completely different to what it looks like right now just overwhelms me. I know it’s healthy and normal to have days of complete sadness and to honour all the feelings that come up, good and bad,” the British pop singer continued. “The bad isn’t often at all and yes I could go through this moment right now today alone in private and usually do, but today I am here. Because I know thousands of people around the [world] feel just like I do. Maybe you read this and feel the love I have for you. I hope you can. Connecting is key. Hugging you all,” the British pop singer said.

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